Digital Electrocardiograph

  • 7” inch LCD display ,12-lead simultaneously acquisition
  • 5000 ECG files can be saved ,more ECG files can be stored via USB port
  • Freeze, Pre-10-second print and Trigger print function to observe any abnormal ECG waveforms
  • Quick acquisition and stability, waveforms get stable within 3s
  • HR detection alarm and pacemaker detection supported
  • Cine-loop function: saved ECG waveform can be played back
  • Auto-save function: users can choose whether to automatically save the files with the printout or not
  • Support magnetic card reader, bar code scanner, transferring information conveniently
  • Support external laser printer to achieve A4 size report output
  • Data management software on PC (optional)
  • Reliable automatic measurement & Interpretation tested with CSE&AHA database

Outstanding Features of ECG

  • Application of CSE & AHA database, reliable measurement and analysis results
  • Multiple acquisition modes satisfy various clinical requirements;
  • Quick acquisition, waveforms get stable within 3s;
  • Full keyboard, touch-screen operation;
  • Any lead can be set as rhythm lead;
  • 60s or 180s rhythm waveform can be acquisitioned for precise analysis;
  • ST segment report and Minnesota code provide abundant reference information for accurate clinical diagnosis;
  • Various print types: 12x1, 12x1+P, 6Tx2, 6x2+1rhy, 6x2+1rhy+P, 3x4+3rhy, 3x4+1rhy+P, Template+P;
  • Support magnetic card reader, Bar code scanner, laser printer and USB disk.

User-friendly system interface

Two operating modes of keyboard and touch screen with new software interface make parameter setting, case management and report printing more convenient
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