Patient / Vital Signs Monitoring / Central Monitoring

Vital Signs Monitor

  • 7 inch touch screen of SpO2/ECG waveform and numeric display
  • Table top design with user friendly operation
  • Up to I 2000 groups of NIBP, 3000 groups SpO2 and event record
  • Historic data records can be reviewed in waveform, list or trend graph
  • Data export and software upgrading can be done by USB cable
  • Flexible configurations among SpO2, NIBP, TEMP and ECG
  • Nellcor compatible SpO2, Sun Tech NIBP and Infrared ear probe available

Patient Monitor

Combined measurement with high proficiency

  • I 0.4"/ 12.1 "/ I S"high resolution TFT display
  • 9 traces on-screen waveforms and maximal up to 13
  • Data export and software upgrade
  • HL7 protocol, Bed to bed view and 12-channel ECG available
  • User customized NIBP measuring cycles up to 5-phase
  • Versatile clinical calculations for application convenience
Comprehensive calculations for clinical application

  • Hemodynamics calculation
  • Respiration calculation
  • Oxygenation calculation
  • Drug concentration calculation
  • Renal function calculation
Applicable for the monitoring of Operating room/ICU/General ward, etc.

Central Monitor Station

  • Up to 64 -bed monitoring with single and dual display
  • LAN and wireless connection are available
  • Large storage capacity for waveform and numeric records
  • Various visual alarms of highlight, flashing, text with audio
  • Review of numeric, graphic and trend records
  • Key bed monitoring for convenient observation and view
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