Surgical Section

Vacuum Assisted Delivery System

  • Electric vacuum generation at the touch of a button ensures fast vacuum build-up.
  • Active vacuum for firm attachment of the suction cup on the fetal head, potentially avoiding inadvertent pop-offs.
  • Choice of type of suction cups and size to provide gentle and individual vacuum assisted delivery.
  • Quick setup since the compatible components fit together securely.

Surgical Suction Pump

Providing reliable and simple suction, hygienically. The Dominant Flex suction pumps can be used for general suction or as a backup to wall suction in the following applications in the hospital, ambulatory surgery center, clinic and doctors’ practice: vacuum extraction, aspiration during flexible endoscopy and aspiration and removal of surgical fluids, tissue (including bone), gases, bodily fluids or infectious materials from wounds or from a patient’s airway or respiratory support system.

Choose your flow rate. There is now no need to change pumps when you require a different flow rate. The standard operation for Dominant Flex is at 50 l/min. When you require a faster vacuum build-up, touch the CleanTouch button for 60 l/min. For sensitive operations in which minimal noise is key, just touch the 40 l/min button to reduce the noise level.

Choose reliability. Our development process for new pumps always takes customers’ needs into account. Medela uses durable materials, tests and retests new designs, and implements intelligent engineering solutions to continue our tradition of providing long-lasting, high-quality pumps.

Choose your hygienic protection. Dominant Flex’s housing design, CleanTouch buttons, and the location of its operating elements all help reduce the time necessary for cleaning. For further protection you can choose from a wide range of filters. Our Fluid Collection Systems provide integrated protection.

A simple choice. Our team of experts has successfully combined clever engineering and simple operation. The inner construction of Dominant Flex reduces maintenance. One-touch operation is intuitive and easy, with LEDs indicating the active mode.

Airway Suction

  • Appreciated in the homecare setting for ease of use.
  • Due to threefold hygienic design, little time and effort is needed for cleaning.
  • Lightweight and offers freedom for the mobile user.
  • Can be used in environments in which quiet operation is necessary.
  • Precise vacuum settings and fast vacuum build-up: ready when needed.
  • One device for multiple needs that requires little instruction to operate.
  • Wide range of accessories available for individual applications.

Fluid Collection

Disposable Collection System
Disposable suction liners and reusable PC jars offer a clean, simple handling and efficient fluid management. Sizes: 1.5 and 2.5 litres.
Range of Tubing
Made from silicone or PVC.
Reusable Collection System Autoclavable PSU jars and lids collect secretions easily and economically. Sizes: 1, 2, 3 and 5 litres.
Foot vacuum regulator for hands-free vacuum regulation
Can be attached to standard Medela suction jars.
Range of Filters
To protect the pump from overflow, to protect the environment from bacteria or to neutralise odour.
On/off Foot Switch
Cable length of 3.5 m.
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