iHope Series

In ICU, giving mechanical ventilation requires a lot of attention. iHope series intuitive user interface supports high resolution touch screen which makes operation of ventilator smooth & easy, just like using your smart phone.

iHope series ventilators are thoughtfully designed. One hand operation on autoclavable valves with double handrail design and multi-function pillar can maximize your daily convenience.

Ease of use due to visual guidance during calibration, self-testing and functional settings which simplify the workflow for the maximum:

  • Comprehensive modes including APRV, PRVC, NIV
  • All patient categories even for newborn baby
  • Oxygen therapy 2 function comes as standard in iHope series
  • Up to 35 parameters monitoring offer an overall perspective

iHope RS/RV Series turbine based ventilatior

Ease your daily work
A ventilator is one of the most problematic piece of medical equipment in hospitals. Hard to use, hard to maintain and requires the constant attention of the clinician, which should be given to the patient instead of equipment. But this does not have to be. iHope series critical care ventilator is designed with user friendly interface, advanced features and clear visual guidance for workflow management, presenting a brilliant experience during work.

√ Wall gas independent system
√ Performing in NIV and IV
√ Adult, pediatric and neonatal ventilation
√ More than 6h battery back up
√ Smart lung protection & weaning kits

NIV (non-invasive ventilation) liberate performance

  • 360visuable alarm
  • Collapsible touching display
  • One-hand operative valves
  • Multi-function configurable pillar
  • Single & dual cylinder compatible

As one of the most effective therapy strategies in critical care ventilation field to reduce the complication and recovering time of the patients, NIV has been accepted worldwide as a gold standard. iHope RS combine our best-in-class, single-limb NIV solution with a fully loaded advanced dual-limb system in invasive ventilation(IV), to delivery the confidence at all time. Up to 250L/min peak flow on iHope RS liberates its power on NIV mode.
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